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Does My Website Development Really Matter?

Your website is a critical communication channel which conveys your brand message to your target audience and helps your visitors gauge your services.

Pay Per Click

PPC campaigns for healthcare

PPC marketing will help you to identify credible visitors to your website. It basically works around generating more leads and creating brand awareness.

Local SEO

Is location-based SEO that important?

When was the last time you remember searching for a clinic in your locality? Your search phrase would have been similar to “clinic + near me,” right?


How do reviews impact your healthcare brand?

Online reviews or patient feedback about your healthcare services has an influential hold on the performance of your brand.


Send relevant and personalized messages

According to Catalyst Healthcare Research, over 93% of adults prefer a doctor’s office that supports email communication.


Can blogging make a difference?

An Internet study by Pew Research found that 80% of Internet users search online for healthcare-related information.


A video is said to humanize relationships

More than 3 million healthcare-related searches are being done on an average over YouTube every month. Making it a very important channel to connect across to patients.

Social Media

How is social media utilized in healthcare?

Social media has emerged as more than just a networking platform. With a great profile on social media, physicians are able to attract patients and build a sense of trust.


Quantify your marketing efforts

An Internet study by Pew Research found that 80% of Internet users search online for healthcare-related information.



According to Pew Research: 72% of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year.



According to Software Advice: 72% of patients use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor.



According to Cisco: By 2019, videos will account for 85% of internet traffic in the US.

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We build long-term relationships and we have a fiduciary responsibility to the growth of their practice.

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