Utilize and activate your current patient base:
“40% to 60% of your current patients will refer at least one new patient a year, if you give them the right encouragement.” -DentistryiQ

1. Your biggest marketing advantage has to come from within the dental practice. A patient base that recommends and advocates your practice will lead to more referrals and patients. The key is to activate your advocates with micro-strategies that are noninvasive and non-abrasive.

2. Gift card referral rewards can activate your customers to provide a reward for referring your practice. This can be marketed through your bi-monthly e-mail blasts, text message blasts, and in-office signage.

3. Even though the review sites such as Yelp prohibit dentists from asking for reviews from their patients, it doesn’t hurt to place stickers and signs around the office, as well as digital badges on your email blasts. This is a basic way to positively activate your patient base.

4. Open houses are a great way to introduce a new dentist that have joined the practice. Most patients will go to the dental office once or twice a year. By hosting an open house, you can meet and greet your patients; they can also invite other friends and family members to the event. *Don’t forget to provide plenty of healthy snacks!

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